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DOCK TALK 365 Interview:

Bass Camo Apparel: A True Family Business

The term “family business” can be overused. A true family business can be a bit hard to find. So, it was a great pleasure to get to interview Karen from Bass Camo Apparel. As you will read, Karen, her husband, Jeff, and their children all take an active part in this growing company. Furthermore, their company values and priorities are grounded in the family values instilled in Jeff and Karen. So, I am quite confident you will enjoy getting to know Bass Camo Apparel just as much as I have. This is the type of company that it is a pleasure to support.

What is the history of Bass Camo apparel?

The history of Bass Camo Apparel is a short one. We began logo development in Nov. of 2015 and opened web store in April of 2016. My husband has had a love for fishing since he was 9 years old either fishing the rivers of Maine or from the canoe on local New England lakes. From the creativity of our family as a whole combined with the picture taking and fishing of my husband we collectively started putting this idea together.

Why is it important to you to put out products that help protect people from skin cancer?

Through public awareness and social media we know more about the extreme dangers of the sun’s UV rays. Over the past 5 years we’ve encountered family, friends and neighbors being diagnosed with skin cancer. My Irish skinned husband would spend all day on the water and would rather not stop fishing to apply sunscreen every couple hours. We knew early on if we’re going into the apparel business and our logo is strongly outdoors related, fishing, we have to offer sun protection choices.

How did you design your main logo design?

We sat down as a family, 2 teenage daughters and 7 yr. old son and all talked about the multiple flavors the logo could have. My husband was the fishing influence I added some military feel, my Grandfather, Father, and Uncle served, the girls worked the coloring and my son said what if the frog was bleeding. Over 2 months time weekly we worked on parts of the logo while my husband would get up at 4am to skype ideas and changes with our designer from the UK.

What is your best selling current product?

Being that we launched and has been out the longest, our UPF50 Sun Safe Performance Long Sleeve Shirt has lead the way. With it’s lightweight breathable moisture wicking qualities, anglers and outdoor enthusiast are admiring the don’t sweat and protection it offers.

People wear your brand all over the world. What is it like for you when you see photos from places like Poland with people wearing the Bass Camo brand?

Early on we were getting great feedback on the logo design from a wide variety of nationalities. It’s a great rewarding feeling to see your brand being worn and enjoyed in different parts of the world.

What will be new for Bass Camo in 2017?

We just added over the past month 2 T-shirt choices and our first hat with a second hat a couple weeks away. In 2017 we look to offer our first specific women choices and some colder weather options towards the Fall. We originally thought we would start out the first year with maybe only 4 products offered. Due to great response and confidence in our brand we now in our 8th month of the web store being opened have 7 products available and the 8th on the way shortly.

One of your core values is to give back to companies you admire. How is this core value implemented in your business practices?

My Grandfather served in World War II my father and uncle served in Vietnam I believe our veterans deserve to be treated better after the sacrifices they have endured. Cancer we’ve all been affected. Being a small start up we can’t offer much currently but if every small business did a little we can make a difference. After some research we recognized Veterans Inc. based in Worcester MA as a company we admire. We ran a month long campaign in June aligned with sales to be able to make a small donation to Veterans Inc. Being that May was skin cancer awareness month and we launched in April with our UPF50 Sun Safe Performance Long Sleeve Shirt it was a great opportunity to give back and run a months long campaign aligned with sales and send a small donation to the American Cancer Society.

Like I said, this is a company that is easy to support. Make sure to visit Bass Camo on Twitter Facebook or Instagram.